Group class runs from September through end of April/beginning of May for Vestavia Rec and Liberty Park Classes. Other Locations will have session dates.  

Clothing: shorts, t-shirts, leotards with shorts, leggings, tennis shoes (basically athletic clothing). No flip-flops or boots

Please make sure your child is picked up within five minutes of their class ending. If you are later than five minutes you will be responsible to pay a $10 fee per 10 minutes to the head instructor.

Group classes paid by the month not by the week. If you are absent and want to come to another location you may do that just email first for times and locations.  Class is $60 a month and it’s due before the 10th of each month.

Costumes estimated between $50 - $65. Costumes to be wore at basketball games and end of the year performances Parents are responsible for purchasing tights and tan jazz shoes for the girls.

Football game attire: T-shirt which was included in your registration fee, ankle length black leggings, and tan jazz shoes.


Private lessons are paid on the date of the private lesson.

There will be a 24 hour notice policy, if you do not show and you did not give the teacher 24 hours notice then you will still be responsible for full payment of the private lesson and no other lessons will be scheduled until payment is made.

Private lessons are taught once a month on location of either Vestavia Rec or Homewood Rec.  If a private lesson teacher drives to your house then there is a $15 drive/gas/extra time fee that is added to the teacher private fee. 


Participation in competition teams is by invitation only. Group class participation and attendance, as well as age and skill level factor into invitation. Twirlers will partake in placement evaluation to determine level and team category. 

Preteen and Junior teams members are required to take a group class with Struttin’ Show-offs. 

Teaching fees are due by the first week of the month. 

Weekly practices will begin in August and will run through April.

The girls are allowed 5 absences during the entire year. Any additional absences will result in the twirler sitting out of the following competition. 

If a twirler quits any team after the day of auditions, she will not be allowed to audition for competition teams the following year and will be removed from any remaining teams.